Gettin' Skinny


I've had this post drafted for awhile and recently I noticed that multiple of the other blogs I read had fitness posts! I took it as a sign that it was time to post...

John Paul and I are almost to that "rock bottom" place as far as health and fitness goes. You know, that place where you step on the scale and are so disgusted it launches you into a fit of motivation? We're both "fed up" with feeling tired and not fitting into our clothes...and so "Project Get Skinny" has been initiated. I affectionately named it this because it's blunt/honest. We want to be thin/fit.

Obviously this is more about being healthy than skinny, but I am also tired of girls telling me I'm skinny and treating me like I have an eating disorder when I mention we want to change our diet and exercise. I totally understand that women struggle with self-worth and eating disorders but we can't use that as an excuse to be unhealthy or overeat either which is the direction I have more of a tendency to go. I've always gotten by on a good metabolism but those days are coming to a close. Whether I show it or not I have gained nearly 20 pounds in the last year alone. That is on top of the 15 pounds I gained during college. I think combined with lack of energy this is enough to warrant some diet and exercise changes.

I don't care about the number (weight), mostly I want to tone up and build up endurance/energy. But I do plan to weigh before and periodically to see what my progress is.

Thanks to everyone who gave all the suggestions on my last fitness post. Keep em comin! Especially if you have practical advice like "ways I motivated my butt out of bed in the morning."

I'll tell you what is not an option for me right now: Running.
I've never been a runner, and I quit sports after middle school so my endurance is zero. I think my heart rate gets too high, and I also have knee/ankle issues that seem to surface along with shin splints. I get winded after about 2 minutes of running on a treadmill. It is BAD. One of my long term goals is to run a short marathon, but before I can even start a running routine I need to get into better shape.

Okay so all that rambling (and nothing you haven't heard before) leads me to my practical, tangible goals.

August Fitness Goals
(These may seem like baby steps to you, but for me they're setting a much needed foundation.)

Naps limited to 10-15 min 
         (maybe I'll take one "long" nap on the weekend or something)
Gym 2 times during the week and 1 time on weekend 
         (can be replaced by other activity like DVD, hiking, etc.)
Smaller portions
Lots of water
No eating out during the week
Take a daily vitamin and Vitamin D


  1. Good Luck!! You'll do great! Find some yoga. It's awesome. :) That's my only advice for anti-runners like myself. Love you!

  2. I think the B-12 advice was a good idea. the Its Vital has therapeutic dosages of all the B complex, not to mention 65 other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients!!! hint hint

  3. This was wonderfully written. I'm facing the sort of same dilemma. I have been studying for 6 years and at times my food habits really were not the best...(energy bars, a lot soft drinks) and although I'm far from overweight I felt tired. Yet NOBODY understood when it when I said that I needed to change my eating habits...

    Sharing your goals here is a really excellent idea. Love your blog btw :)

    greetings from Norway