Babies & Musings & Pictures, Oh My!


Well, my 7 and 9 year old nieces are staying with us this week so posts will be few and far between for a few days while we squeeze as much fun into every spare minute that we can! (I imagine I'll have some entertaining video clips from the week to share sometime next week). I have a bunch of drafted unpublished posts, but they're not ready!

I'm working on a post of our photo shoot, I have some marriage articles to share, and I also have a planned "baby post." I've been wanting to write out some of my thoughts and fears about parenthood for awhile, but it's a subject with so many opinions in my family that I'm always nervous to write anything about it. It seems like a topic best left for personal conversations. Yet, I feel like it should be okay for me to gather opinions and encouragement on the subject. This post has been written, deleted, and rewritten half a dozen times over the last 5 months. We'll see if it makes it.

P.s. My nine year old niece, Phoebe, started a blog this week to document her "trips." Coincidence that she had me help her? I think not. :)

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