Giveaway Update: I'm officially impressed


So you still have 3 days to get in on the Conscious Box giveaway and so far the response has been great! But I felt I had to give a teeny update because CB has impressed me.

When they offered to give a free box to me and a reader in the back of my mind I figured there'd be a catch. They're a reputable company, but still, it's a subscription service. I assumed that a free month probably meant that you'd have to sign up to get the free month and cancel right away so they don't keep sending you boxs/charging you for subsequent months. That's usually how these sorts of promotions seem to go.

I WAS SO WRONG. And I am officially impressed.

I went to order my box and wasn't asked to give any payment information whatsoever...just put in where to ship it with my discount code and that was that.

I love that this was truly FREE with no strings attached and if anything it just raised my opinion of the company and their customer service. And now I feel even more comfortable offering this giveaway to my readers.

I just had to share and also thought maybe there were hold outs because of the same concerns I had. Hopefully this will put you at ease. Anyway, if you still want to enter go to the original post and enter away! :)

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